#DreamWeekSA makes our city Friendly

#DreamweekSA makes our city so Friendly


I was so fortunate to experience being a part of the “1005 Faces” project by Sarah Brooke Lyons in 2014. Sarah, a San Antonio Photographer, had contacted the Friendly Family to start off her project at Alamo Street Eat Bar. We were so excited to be a part of this project but had no ideas the impact and legs that the “1005 Faces” would have. Sarah created an event this past Sunday at “The Spire,” a super cool re-use of a church on the East side in the Sunset Station area.  “Talk. Educate. Network. Expanding the voice of 1005Faces. A DreamWeek 2015 Event” was 10 participants of the project speaking about our signs and beyond. Here’s mine: “Have Faith, Dive In”


I was number #788. Being a number took on a whole new meaning. I found myself Sunday, a #DreamWeek-er. Entering “The Spire” you could feel the energy of the project. It was truly inspiring to hear the other 9 participants talk about why they wrote what they did. Diego Bernal, former D1 City Councilman spoke of John Henry, he challenged a machine and won with human effort. John Henry gave all he could, his life. Diego spoke of giving all you have. Nina Duran won me over when she asked her “Daddy” if he could hear her? It was a beautiful display of respect and love. I couldn’t help but feel like my Dad, who passed 15 years ago could hear me too. I know it. Nina spoke about the #messylife. Every speaker touched on amazing topics. It was truly magical and so fitting for #DreamWeekSA. I was number 7 to speak. To be honest, I had not really prepared. I spent the day doing some work and then hanging with my kids. With my 4 year old hanging on my leg and or twirling on my finger. I spoke from the heart about my blind faith, love of change and watching things improve around me. Change is hard but, necessary and the only way to improve your surroundings. So you have the Faith, now you’ve gotta go for it. Dive In, you may win, you may lose, dive in anyway. My sign and it’s impact over a year later is what #DreamWeekSA is all about. Take the opportunity to look into Dream Week. Attend one of the dozens of events all around town, inspire someone or get inspired. I’m sure you’ll find it one of San Antonio’s most Friendly weeks.

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